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Our Deer Friends
This is is a pictorial history of the lives of some of our local deer. See them as they interact with each other and experience our interpretation of their lives.
So many people have expressed an interest in the family history of our favorite deer that we have  decided to share with you a pictorial history of her family. We have been observing and photographing her and her offspring since 2004. This little doe actually likes the company of humans as many of her human friends can attest.
2008 0217Winter0044When we first saw her, Beggar Doe, she had a yearling buck at her side (Snelling).  We believe this was her first fawn and that she was born in 2002 or 2003.
Over the years she has produced the following deer to our population.  They are: 2005  Snelling (Buck), 2006  Tiny Ted and Wood Tick (Bucks), 2007  Fraidycat (Buck), 2008  Floidee (Doe), 2009 Fawn killed by coyotes (sex unknown), 2010 Tinker Bell and Bell Star (Does), and 2011 Hickory, Dickory and Doc (Bucks) and 2012 Cody (Buck).    
To see pictures of Beggar and her family, CLICK on the photo above.
FLOIDEE, Born 2008
When Floidee was born, I automatically assumed she was a buck and named her Floyd.  But as time passed it became very clear that she was a female.  Floidee and Beggar have been extremely close over her short lifespan, possibly due to the loss of Beggar's next fawn.  In the fall of 2009, Floidee bred with Unicorn and produced a buck fawn, Tucker.  2010 Floidee and Goldie, gave birth to a doe fawn, Annie.  2011 Floidee and Nugget have twins a buck and doe.
To see more pictures of Floidee and her family click on her picture above.
2011-1225wINTER 067
Belle and Shorttail, Born 2010.
Beggar Doe and Goldie produced these twin does after a brutal courtship in the fall of 2009. Originally I named them Tinkerbelle and Belle Star, however like many other things as they matured their names changed.  Tinkerbelle became Belle and Belle Star became Shorttail.  Both  does bred in 2011 and both gave birth to twins in 2012,
Shorttail in front.  Easily recognized with her short tail and white forelegs.
Shorttail gave birth to twins in June of 2012, however one fawn, the doe appeared to have something wrong with her eyes and she did not survive the winter.  The surviving fawn is a buck named Hightail. 
Belle:  The friendliest of the two is darker than her sister with long dark tail and black trimmed ears.
She also gave birth to twins in June of 2012, both bucks.  At the time of this posting they are both alive and nameless.  Belle bred with Nugget last November.
To see more pictures of Belle and Shorttail and their families click on her picture above.
Moocher was born in 2005.  I have seen Moocher with Beggar on a lot of occasions and it seems that of all the does on the island these two have formed a friend bond. 
The first fawn that Mooch had was in 2007.  I don't know if it was a doe or buck.  In 2008 she gave birth to a buck, Freddy.  The next year Springbuck was born and another buck was born in 2010, Rambo.  In 2011 she has twins, a buck and doe.
2009 0608Spring0168Moocher in 2009.
Page 53This photo was taken in the summer of 2009.  We named the fawn Springbuck, his mother is Moocher. He was another one that did not want to leave his mothers' side and hung in the home territory all summer. As you can see in this photo he really loved his mom.
0382010 Meet Gracie with her fawn Georgie.  Georgie was born at the end of May and is now about 2 months old.  Gracie calls the open field home and protects it from any other does and fawns who come in.  Just two weeks ago we observed her chasing an interloper who tried to come in from another area. She chased the doe biting and nipping at her until she ran it off. The trespassers fawn got so stressed it was bleating as it ran after it's mother.
015Charlie and Lucy are Gracie's Twins from 2009.  Yes, Charlie is sporting 8 points.  For some reason which we can't explain the fawns down here have developed great racks in just a couple years.  Charlie is also pretty tall and could be one of Too Talls last fawns, an old favorite buck that we haven't seen since 2008. Gracie tried real hard to discourage these two from hanging around when she had her new fawn and the scars on both of them can attest to that, but they hung in there and continue to shadow their mother.
213Another fawn joins the Brown Family
Today, the four members of the Brown family were feeding in the open field, when a fawn approached little Georgie. After exchanging the customary sniffs and licks, the two burst off racing and playing around the field.  Of course this caught the attention of the two yearlings who joined right in.
268We have observed this new fawn over the past two weeks  and haven't seen it's mother. One evening it was frantically racing around the field bleating, but she never showed up.  The good thing is that the fawn is eating and today was trying to gain companionship from the other deer. Did Gracie accept it?  No!  She struck out at it and chased it away from her and Georgie.
265Charlie befriends the Fawn
Charlie,at the age of a little over a year, took the fawn under his wing. After some mutual grooming the two separated from the other three, much to the dismay of his sister Lucy.
The antlers on Charlie must be getting hard because the fawn spent 10 minutes chewing and licking on them, much to Charlies' delight.
Oct. 2010  Charlie got hit by a car and died.
8-24-10 This photo of Springbuck and Charlie.
The boys were engaged in a little sparring. Being these two did not hang out with any of the bachelor groups they will have to learn the pecking order of the, big boys club, on their own.
Little Springbuck, is certainly under sized compared to Charlie, but he was game.
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