Wildlife Photography By MHD -

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 "Concho" the mountain wise saddle horse reared back breaking the branch that I had tied him off to. A couple of minutes before that I had dismounted to study the tracks in the soft dirt on the trail. This was prompted by the reluctance of my trusty stead to advance any further along the mountain trail high up in the mountains of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. I was having my first encounter with a truly wild Grizzly. When our, Concho and I, ascent up the trail came to a halt because "HE" knew better, I should have followed his instincts and retreated down the trail. The desire to record that moment on film overcame good judgement. So as when I was leaning over the fresh tracks, with camera in one hand and rifle in the other Concho decided to leave the area and bolted down the trail towards camp. I never did see that bear, but 40 years later I still remember that day high on that mountain
 on the banks of the Dannier
Tears in Heaven
The Panflute by Runa Pacha
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