Wildlife Photography By MHD -
Mary and I hope to share with you some of the incredible sights we have observed over the years.  To us nature is both exciting and beautiful.
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Fine Art of America is where Mary has a collection of digitally enhanced images suited for greeting cards. Click on the image. This is an image of Goldie probably one the most photographed bucks in the Minnesota River Valley.

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Sunrise Buck - Photo shot just as the sun rose above the horizan.  Unicorn exhibited the documented reaction of whitetail buck at peak of rut. 

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Beggar Doe - Matriarch of whitetail clan, which we have photographed since 2004.

Beggar Doe's Family.  
A chronological diary of my special doe.
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Little Fawn and the Storm
This story originated following a sighting of a fawn after a storm at St. Croix State Park, MN.
Follow LITTLE FAWN and his friends as he searches for his mom.
60 pages with images of animals and birds of the forest and a story line that will delight your child. Click here for more

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Brave Hearts
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