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Nature to my husband and me is exciting and beautiful.   We have been very lucky to observe some very incredible sights.  On this website, we hope to share some of these observations with you.

2007 1123Whitedeer0114These photos represent just a small fraction of the incredible sights that are available to us in our natural world.

The photo to the left  "THE TWO SISTERS" took 1st place in the OUTDOOR NEWS photo contest in 2007. This photo is available in an a gift box of 7 photo note cards. Click here

Take a minute, listen to the music, page through the site and enjoy.

Sunrise Buck - Photo shot just as the sun rose above the horizan.  Unicorn exhibited the documented reaction of whitetail buck at peak of rut.
This photo "UNICORN AT SUNRISE" took 1ST place in the FORT SNELLING STATE PARKS photo contest in 2008. 

For recent (2012) photos of trophy whitetail bucks click on the photo.

"Wood Duck Pair" Took second place in the 2010 FSSP photo contest.

Beggar Doe - Matriarch of whitetail clan, which we have photographed since 2004.

"Baby Raccoons"  Winner of 2011 FSSP Camera Club photo contest.

Beggar Doe's Family.  
A chronological history of my favorite deer. Click on the photo.

Always looking for critters to photograph we want to share with you some of the places that we travel to. If you have some ideas and/or pictures that you would like to share with us please do. For more info click on the picture.

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Little Fawn and the Storm

This story originated following a sighting of a fawn after a storm at St. Croix State Park, MN.
and his friends as he searches for his mother.
60 beautiful photos of the birds and animals of the forest and a story line that will delight your child. Click here for more

If you would like to see more available photos you can go to: http://www.pbase.com/mhdreher or click on the various photos on these web pages.

We gratefully express our thanks to Runa Pacha for allowing us to use their sound tracks on our site. You can find a link to their web site on our product page.

My heart will go on.
Runa Pacha
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